Community produced facemasks

This is the only English page on this website. The Corona crisis hit us very hard. Us means – almost every country.

Early March 2020 Belgium was hit hard by Corona and the government put us al under quarantaine. A lot of people got ill. The health system – which is quite good in our country – was (and still is the moment I am writing this page) put under extreme pressure. Hospitals are exceeding their maximum capacities.

All over the country health workers are confronted with a lack of protection. Facemarks are all sold out either reserved for hospitals. But there is lot’s of people giving health service at home, transporting ill people, working in elderly homes and a lot more. Nurses, occupation therapists, drivers, animation employees in elderly homes, ….

In our little village – Begijnendijk, center of Begium – a group of people decided to build their own face masks. Not for private use – but as a donation to all those brave health workers whore our protecting our parents and grand parents.

We found a very simple way to start an effective production method to work in small groups of up to 20 people – within the boundaries of the quarantaine measures.

As we know that in several English speaking countries the troubles are just starting – we decided to translate our methodology.

If you have a question concerning – please contact

About this website: this is a local website from a mid sided village in Belgium: Begijnendijk. The website is called Duurzaam Begijnendijk, which means Sustainable Begijnendijk. We aim to encourage people to live a more sustainable life and show them a lot of existing local projects, shops, etc…

The face mask project was started by the Lets movement ( Local Exchange Trading System) which exists in many countries.